why you should apply

EnterpriseCEO Award provides a range of benefits that can help you grow your business. Some of the key benefits include:

Validating your business idea:

Applying for EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO award will help you determine if your business idea is viable and worth pursuing further.

Encouraging business growth:

By recognizing your achievements and showcasing your business to a wider audience, EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO Honour will motivate you to continue building your business and inspire other aspiring business owners to do the same.

Building networks and synergies:

Through the EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO award, you will connect with other business owners, building valuable networks and partnerships that will strengthen your business.

Finding business opportunities:

EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO will help you discover new business opportunities, expand your customer base and generate more revenue for your business.

Accessing business information and knowledge:

EnterpriseCEO Media Company provides valuable business information and knowledge that will help you improve your business management skills and capacity.

about U40 CEO award

The Award honours successful business owners and executives and motivates them to pursue enterprise endeavour and provides support for their success.

By shining a spotlight on these outstanding business executives, we hope to empower and motivate future generations of business leaders and break down the barriers that have long hindered their progress.

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who should apply

EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO Award is open to entrepreneurs in leadership positions, including:

Chief Executive | Operating Officers
Managing Directors
Business Owners
Chief Financial Officers

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ourbrand offering

Applying for EnterpriseCEO 100 Under 40 CEO Award comes with a range of benefits, including:


Feature in news and digital platforms, and magazines, giving your business greater exposure and credibility.


Products and articles featured on our news platform and magazine, showcasing your products and services to a wider audience.


Opportunities for business networking with other entrepreneurs, building valuable connections and partnerships.

Guest Speaker

Speaking opportunities at our events and conferences, giving you a platform to share your knowledge and insights with a wider audience.


Feature in our video interview and documentary, providing further exposure for your business and brand.


Discount offers to attend EnterpriseCEO’s training, events and conferences, allowing you to attend valuable events at a reduced cost.

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